How To Keep Items Cold While Shipping

January 2, 2010

Technology allows us to communicate with people around the world everyday. Ten years ago it was not that easy. The same holds true for the postal industry. Because of transportation means and the advancements made, it is relatively easy to send something anywhere in the world. However, you may have to limit what you send. This is why the post office asks you whether the item is perishable.

Avoiding “Perishable”

If you are looking for a way to send something perishable, there is probably an option. Many people want to send food. Unfortunately, a lot of food has to remain cold or else it will go bad. The same holds true if you are going to use insulated mailing. Instead of skipping out on sending these items to all of your friends, you just have to be creative. There are a couple of different options to help you keep items cold during the shipping process so that they will not perish.

Dry Ice

Using dry ice for shipping items that need to remain cold has been popular for years. Human tissue, prescription drugs, and food have all been shipped using dry ice. The dry ice stays approximately -110 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use insulated packaging for items in a container so the ice does not burn them while they are shipped. And, in no time, they will arrive to their destination in great shape.

Thermal Wraps

Another popular shipping product that many people are using is a thermal wrap. These thermal wraps can keep wine cold for hours. That way when it arrives, the bottle is ready for drinking. Another great feature about many of the thermal wraps is that they allow you to wrap the bottle nicely like a gift.

Gel Ice

Lastly, depending on how cold you need your package to remain you might want to look into gel ice. These gel products keep products chilled for many hours. They are not as cold as dry ice, however many consider them easier to work with.


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